Antje G. Korth

I grew up in Berlin but feel at home in many places in this world. I love to travel and have lived in different countries, since I was a child. Living and working in different cultures has enriched my life tremendously and gives me a deep knowing of the connectedness of all people.

I love hiking in the mountains, to walk and dance barefoot and to feel nature with all my senses.

I love to see the beauty in all – and belief, that no matter how difficult a life-situation may look at the moment, that there is always a way to transform and to shift to the better.

My life has been a journey with many challenges that has guided me through many transformative processes and adventures. I am still a traveler and love to dive into new worlds, to bring the gifts back from there.

Inner Coaching was born in 2002 as the result of my work and experiences with clients as a naturopath, yoga teacher, healer, personal coach and Feng Shui consultant.

My passion is to lead seminars in nature’s most beautiful places – for people who are open to their inner journey, adventure and nature experiences. I love to create a space where people can move, dance and transform with lightness and joy.

I am thankful to live in this amazing time, were we have the possibility and the potential to co-create new lives of joy and passion – and where everything is possible!

Education and training:

  • Registered German naturopath since 1991
  • Diploma in Integrated Solution-oriented Psychology with Dr.Dietmar Friedmann
  • Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon
  • Certified in Autonomy-Training, Systemic solution-oriented single and partner coaching and supervision with Dr. Dietmar Friedmann
  • Certified Quantum-Energy-Medicine training with SCIO Norway
  • Applied Psycho-Neurobiology with Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • Mental Field Therapy, Autonomic Response Testing and Integrative family constellations with Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt
  • Certified Yoga teacher training at Spirit Yoga Berlin
  • Space Holder Training with Transformative Dance teacher Hadas Fisher-Oren
  • Certified Trainer for Progressive Muscle relaxation
  • Quantum Entrainment Basic- and Mastercourse with Dr. Frank Kinslow
  • Self I-dentity through Ho`oponopono with Ph.D. Ihaleakala Hew Len at IZI LLC
  • Certified Theta Healer in Basic and Advanced DNA
  • Dipl. FSC Feng Shui consultant Qi Mag International Feng Shui Institute
  • Certificate in business Feng Shui and Chinese Garden Design –“The Formless Method” with Howard Choy, FS College of Sydney

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