Inner Coaching


The correct use of our consciousness is the key for a healthy, happy and successful life.

What you change inside of you – you will see outside in your life!

Inner Coaching

Personal Coaching and Consultation Session:

I will work with you together on any area of your professional and private life where new understanding and clarity is desired. I invite you to a space where you can reflect, understand and access your own information. This will liberate you to release and overcome blockages. In this solution-oriented process you will find new answers, make necessary decisions and align with the desired state of being.

If you like to make a deep shift in your life I invite you to unplug and retreat from your everyday life – for 3 days, a week long or ten days, in a powerful nature retreat. Here you will step into a safe and joyful space, where you can transform, renew and align with the most fulfilled version of yourself. You will be guided on an inner journey of self-empowerment from where you will return with new tools, energy and healthy habits.

I look forward to inspire and assist you on your own unique journey!

Here are different methods and fields
that we can imply in the coaching process:


Would you like to change something in your life, which perhaps you thought was impossible?
According to the Huna-philosophy we create our life reality. There are no limits, only our imagination may be limited. By changing our thinking, feeling and perception we can change our life experience.

Within Inner Coaching we can use the practical methods of Huna and consciously make steps to change. With this deep self-reflective approach you can transform and shift from an old self into a new self.

Huna means “secret” or “hidden knowledge” and has its roots in the islands of the Pacific. This thousands of years old Polonesian life-philosophy contains seven fundamental principals:

IKE – The world is what you think it is.
KALA – There are no limits.
MAKIA – Energy flows where attention goes.
MANAWA – NOW ist he moment of power.
ALOHA – To love is to be happy with. . .
MANA – All power comes from within.
PONO – Effectiveness is the mesure of truth.

Be aware, be free, be focused, be here, be loved, be strong, be healed.

The goal for the Huna-teaching is to create harmonious relationships in all directions: Harmony with your self, your body, mind, soul and subconscious. Harmony with other people, with nature and with the universal source.


With MFT we can treat fast and non-invasive acute and chronic diseases as well as emotional stress conditions. Also anxieties, chronic fatigue, back pain, sadness and depression are treated successfully with this method.

A part of this method is the tapping of the meridian lines. This will help to transform and to re-integrate the different conditions, as well as the disconnected thought fields, harmoniously back into the conscious field of the body.


Are you in a crisis in your current relationship? Do you feel excluded from your family? Do you have the feeling that you are repeating the same things over and over in your daily dramas?

With family constellation we can make across the board unconscious and generational destiny connections visible. With these techniques, as we bring our inner family pictures to the outside and look at them, and feel them, we get a deep understanding and often find profound clarity for the physical and mental suffering that has been held unreleased. As we bring them to light we naturally release our entanglements, noticeably feeling relief and inner peace.


Radionic is a method of analyses and re-balancing based on the principles of bioenergetics and electro-physics. It assumes that everything is energy and radionic science acknowledges that organs, diseases and remedies also have their own frequencies or vibrations. These factors are here expressed in numerical values known as ‘rates’.

It allows us to explore, to interact, to diagnose and to balance the subtle, electromagnetic and energetic fields of the body. With Radionic analysis, we can find physical, emotional and energetic interferences. With specific treatment we can give the organism the missing energetic frequencies, so that the life-energy will flow again and the body comes back to the natural energy and strength.


Find alignment and get in shape with a personal guided Yoga-lesson which focuses on your present individual needs, fitness level and goals for your health and well-being. By the end of this session we will put together a short yoga program for you. This will motivate you to practice daily and this brings new energy and momentum to your life.

Connecting body, breath and mind in a personalized, revealing Yoga-practice supports you on your journey to a healthy, energetic body and a clear, awaken spirit.


Our breath connects body, mind and spirit. When we live a relaxed, healthy life our breath is normally deep and calm. When we are mentally and emotionally stressed our breath is getting out of balance and healthy rhythm. The result is most often a shallow breath, which over time reduces our vitality. With a few breath sessions you can reawaken your healthy deep breath which will enhance your vitality and open a space for new movements and creativity in your life.


The Integral Solution Oriented Psychology is one of the newest methods of psychology. It is a very effective coaching concept and therapy that brings fast and enduring results. This solution-oriented method works right from the beginning with the inner resources and abilities inherent in each client. We see the problem as a challenge for change, reprogramming old, limiting belief systems and transforming the suffering energy into productive resolution energy. Within a few sessions you can find positive change.


Would you like to know the potential you carry inside and how you can make your talents blossom? Are you interested at which point of your life-path you are right now?

The traditional Mayan-Calendar goes back in its development to the ethnic group of the Mayans in Central America. It is not just a calendar, but a tool, which describes the energetic patterns of life and consciousness. For the Mayans, who were also called the keepers of time, each day has its own energy. There are 20 different creational energies, describing our life journey and the journey of our consciousness.

Life-plan consultation according to the Mayan-Calendar:

Depending when you are born, you are connected to one personal birth energy, which can be described in a personal tree of life. This energy contains different information about your potential, your challenges and life-purpose. With the knowledge about this energy you can walk your path more consciously and use your talents more directly.

A personal consultation takes about 2 – 2,5 hours and will be recorded, so you can bring the information home with you afterwards. Please state your name, date and time of birth and birth place.