Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

is a profound process, that offers you an interactive communication with your higher mind and consciousness. It is a journey within where you can reveal more of yourself to yourself to find answers and healing.

“In her most loving and attentive style of hypnosis Antje guides you to the core of your very being. A fantastic method to empower your self healing capacities and elicit growth in consciousness. I can wholeheartedly recommend it!” Elisabeth Karsten, Berlin


consists of two components:

the Past-Life regression and the Communication with your Higher Self.

You will explore new or hidden/unknown parts of yourself. They are most often directly linked with your current life-time and to your questions.

Through this guided process it is possible to connect with your Inner Self which exsists on a quantum level. Here you can tap into the plane of consciousness where you get a new level of information to transform and nurture your being.

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon in over 40 years as a regressive hypnotherapist where she has worked with thousands of clients from all over the world. Her groundbreaking work has inspired people worldwide.

I attended the trainings in QHHT directly with Dolores in 2012 and have since worked with this wonderful method.

What is the Higher Self?

There are many names for the Higher Self. You can call it also higher mind or super consciousness. Dolores called it Subconsciousnes. It is your choice how you name it. It is the part of you that connects with all wisdom, love and knowledge that is your inner being/soul. When aligned with it – it allows you to connect to the larger picture and to transform and heal instantly if this is appropriate.

What to ask the Higher Self?

There are no limits of what you can ask when you communicate with your higher mind. Many come with questions about their life-purpose, work, relationships, health, finances or future projects. Some want to know the deeper meaning of happenings in their life or just the next most relevant step in their life journey.

The QHHT Session

will take about 5 hours

– 2 hours: interview, preparing conversation

– 2 hours: regression, Higher Self conversation and healing work

– 1 hour: review

We start the process with a conversation where we review and discuss your areas of concern and clarify the questions that you would like to ask. This time is important and serves as preparations for the Hypnosis session.

Then in the session you will be guided into a deeply relaxed brain state. This brain state you experience every day – in the morning, when you just come out of sleep and in the evening, shortly before you fall asleep. It is a highly creative state where you can explore and communicate with deeper levels of your consciousness. This part of the session will be audio recorded so you can listen to it afterwards. Most people remember very little after the session.

We take some time afterwards to review what you have experienced.

Attitude: It will be most supportive if you come with your questions and intentions without being attached to the outcome. In this state of trust and openness you attuned to receive the gifts of this experience.


Please write down all questions that you would like to ask and bring them with you. If possible take a free day so you also have some time after the process to integrate what you have just experienced.

You will receive the recording by e-mail after the session. It is an important piece of the process to listen to the session afterwards, so the information and healing can integrate with your awaken state.


“I have just listened to the recording of the session. You guided me so well to describe the different places I visited. The whole experience has put together new bit and pieces and I have a deeper and more expanded consciousness of who I am and what I am doing here. If people ask me now who I am, what do I do, and where do I come from, it will be the pictures from this session that will come to my mind. It was so fantastic to see and experience the future earth! And to be in source! Oh my God! Awesome!…“ Anne Brit, Oslo, Norway

“… Als ich die Therapeutin Antje kennenlernte, wurde ich sofort warm mit ihr und konnte mich mit ihrer freundlichen und gewinnenden Art anfreunden. Ich fühlte mich wohl im gemütlichen Praxisraum. In einem ausführlichen Vorgespräch erzählte ich ihr von meinem Leben. Durch ihre geschickte Fragestellung kamen auch Themen an die Oberfläche, an die ich nicht schon lange nicht mehr gedacht hatte, die aber doch wichtig waren. Wir gingen meine Liste durch, und dann ging es los mit der Hypnose. … WEITERLESEN

“QHHT mit Antje Korth empfehle ich zu 100%. Diese Art von Arbeit an sich selber hat mich tief berührt und vorwärts gebracht. Antje ist dabei eine äusserst kluge und angenehme Begleiterin und ich werde sicherlich wieder mit ihr arbeiten. QHHT ist tiefgreifend verändernd- und gibt einem aber dabei die Sicherheit bei sich zu bleiben, sich selbst näher zu kommen als je zuvor. Jeder sollte diesen Schritt gehen. Vielen Dank!!”

“Since the session it’s like the door between my personal Self and my Higher Self has become a bit thinner. It’s easier to stay aware and connected, as something within immediately highlights when I’m about to lose myself in old negative habits. I feel energized, inspired and more in tune with the flow of life!

The healing-experience was profound, with strong energies moving and flowing through my body, releasing many tensions and emotional blockages.

Listening to the tape afterwards triggered more healing within. It gave me a deeper understanding of what was shown to me during the session. Again I could listen to Antje’s soft voice filling me with positive guidance, loving encouragement and words of wisdom. And there was so much love and guidance from my Higher Self, which was both strange and amazing to listen to.

Thank you dearest Antje! You are truly in your heart, radiating such wonderful and comforting healing-energies. Very professional, experienced and focused which gave me a feeling of being in very good hands, protected, listen to and wisely guided. I’m so grateful for the experience and the healing and the space you held for me.” Caroline, Malmö, Sweden

“My session with Antje was wonderful. Throughout the session I felt very secure and taken care of. The conversation with Antje in the beginning was pretty insightful and made me feel ready to have the hypnosis.

Antje guided me through two very interesting past lives. Because of the past lives that were shown to me I understand myself al lot better. I now know why I have certain talents and interests as well as fears and blockages that I could not explain before.

Although I was very conscious the whole time, which made it a little bit difficult for me not to let my conscious mind interfere and analyse the information I was getting, Antje stayed very patient and calm. Her soothing voice made it very easy for me to relax. I have got a lot of insight, but the most important thing I have learned was trusting my inner guidance. I have learned that all the answers lay inside me.

After the session I have definitely noticed increased intuition and easier connection with my higher self. I can ansolutely recomment having a QHHT-session with Antje. Much thanks and love.” Angelique, 18, Berlin

“ I have had a QHHT- session with Antje G. Korth, and it was amazing. I felt instantly relaxed and confident with her, and experienced a life and an afterlife wich gave me a lot of new insights and understanding. When I listened to the recording I remembered even more information than I could express. Beeing in that “sphere” – the knowledge is just there. Now, when I meditate,  I can see patterns and energy. I warmly recommend to book a session with her.” Sissel, Oslo, Norway

“Tief berührt hat mich das Wiedererleben der Sinneseindrücke aus den beiden Leben, in die ich mit deiner Hilfe zurückgereist bin. Dadurch habe ich Gewissheit über meine Sternenheimat und einen Teil meiner Seelenreise bekommen.

Der Kontakt zu meinem nicht inkarnierten Zwilling hallt immer noch nach und seine Gegenwart ist nach dem direkten Kontakt und seiner liebevollen Botschaft immer wieder energetisch sehr präsent in meinem Alltag. Durch das nachträgliche Heilen und korrekte Abschliessen der beiden Leben konnte eine neue Leichtigkeit und Klarheit in mein Leben treten.

Der Kontakt zu meinem Hohen Selbst war nach unserer Session sehr persönlich und seine Unterstützung im Alltag für mich deutlich spürbar. Eine QHHT Sitzung bei dir kann ich uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Ich habe mich sehr wohl und sicher gefühlt während der Session. Meine Fragen wurden vollständig und umfassend beantwortet. Nochmals vielen Dank, liebe Antje!” Karin, Berlin

“It was a lot of emotional healing for me, quite intense! Feeling those other lives, that I had lived with my twin, made me realize a lot. It was all very illuminating for me. I will listen to the recordings tonight and make some notes about my cosmic self’s advice for me. :)
Thank you for everything! I didn’t know what to expect with the session, but I do feel lighter now.” Astrid, Berlin

„Antje wirkte auf mich sehr sympathisch und ich hatte sofort einen Draht zu ihr. Während unseres Gesprächs, wo ich meine Fragen erläuterte, fiel mir auf, wie sie durch intelligente Ergänzungen die Darstellung so formte, dass wir möglichst klare Antworten erwarten konnten. Ursprünglich hatte ich den Rückführungen weniger Gewicht beigemessen, als den Fragen zu meinem Leben. Ich kam leicht in die hypnotische Trance und es dauerte nicht lange bis ich die ersten Bilder zu meiner Rückführung empfing. Es eröffnete sich ein lang zurück liegendes Leben in Ägypten. Die Eindringlichkeit und Plastizität der Inhalte war überwältigend und meine Emotionen gewannen dabei absolut die Oberhand. Das zweite Leben, das weniger exotisch, nördlich von Berlin sichtbar wurde, war sehr unterschiedlich zu dem ersten. Die empfangenen Inhalte waren jedoch gleichermaßen klar.

Nach den Rückführungen kam der Abschnitt mit meinen Fragen. Es wurde deutlich, dass ich mit meiner Intuition und Anbindung schon recht nah bin an dem, was passiert. Ich empfand dies sehr bestätigend und bestärkend –  meine inneren Bildern mehr anzunehmen und ihnen mehr zu vertrauen. Offensichtlich sind die Leben, in die wir zurückgeführt werden von unserer Führung so ausgewählt, dass sich uns ein wesentlich umfassenderes Verständnis unserer Situation erschließt, und unsere Fragen bekommen eine andere Gewichtung. Herzlichen Dank!“   Christoph, Berlin

“I have been by Antje two times for the past life regression and quantum healings and my experience with her was beautiful and amazing. Not only it helped me to understand myself and to find ways to heal but also to have strong visions of who I am and who I have been before this life. I had the incredible experience of meeting my true self and feel the universal love. I am very grateful to have meet Antje this life” Adriaan Morales, Hamburg

“Thank you so much for our qhht session. It was such a relaxed and warm atmosphere. I felt very well prepared for the session after our initial talk. It was truely revealing and clarifiying and also very affirming for my future life and for upcoming decisions. I am looking forward to our upcoming family constellation work in order to resolve all remaining obstacles that I became aware of during the qhht session.” Adrian Linack, Berlin

“I would recommend the experience of having a QHHT session with Antje Korth. I was always curious to try this and was in very good hands all the way through. I felt safe and well looked after. This session has given me a stronger insight to clearer paths to walk upon. My eyes and senses are now more open to reflect and expand on….  Much I learnt and are grateful for.. Thank you so much Antje!” Oliver, England

“I heard a lot about QHHT and wanted to experience it. I was happy to find out that there is an experienced QHHT practitioner in Berlin and that’s how I came across Antje. From the first phone conversation I had a great experience – she explained me how a session looks like and answered all questions. She created a very welcoming space. The QHHT session was a beautiful and unique experience. It allowed me to directly get in touch with my higher self and to find guidance from within. Thank you so much Antje for creating a beautiful safe space, where I could connect with mySelf. You were not only professional, but very patient, kind and supportive. You made me really feel home and cared. The information I received during the session was very helpful. After the session, I noticed better and easier connection with my higher self, increased intuition and consciousness. I am very grateful Antje for your work, personality and the way you can touch lives of others, so they can shine brighter…With best wishes,” Greg, Berlin

“I had a very uplifting QHHT session with Antje. From the first moment I felt taken care of in a very special atmosphere of love and personal interest. The experience of seeing the pictures from former lives was awsome and the contact with my higher Self has been very important for me afterwards. Antje was wonderful!” Gunnar from Norway, 85 yrs. old