Retreat On The Beach



Next trip autumn 2019
more info soon

I am excited to invite you for the upcoming retreat in Morroco, an excotic, new nature destination! We will stay in a charming, bountiful Moroccan hotel in the dunes by the Atlantic Ocean, where you will enjoy magical sunset beachwalks.

It is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. You will find the space to dream new dreams or to create new ideas.

Are you ready for some time off? Do you want to break out of your busy life? Do you need some silence to reflect? Do you want to slow down to re-open your gates to innovation and creativity? Are you interested to learn and exercise how you can relax more deeply and be more satisfied with what is in your life?


Whatever your motivation is, know you are welcome to join this retreat and to have a quality time for yourself with a lot of support and inspioration.

Yoga & Dynamic Dance Meditations

sunset walks on the beach, meditations, swimming and much more…

A regular day consists of a daily yoga practice, a daily dynamic dance meditation, healthy food and drinks, enjoying the sun and the beach and the swimming pool and discovering the local culture and nature.

The Yoga practices will be a mixture of yin yoga, gentle vinyasa, vipassana meditation and alignment of your asana postures. So you get a taste of everything.

The Dynamic Dance Meditation will be a time to connect and update the memory cells in your body to the present moment, where you can align to your inner flow. This will allow you to relax deeper and fully let go, release blockages and tune in to your inner voice and needs. From here more creativity and lightness can arise.

No obligation to join all classes, it is your time off so you can decide on the spot if you want to join or take a walk or enjoy the beach. But you can be assured we will provide you with the right practices at the right moment. MORE INFO SOON

The Retreat Hotel

is located ca. 1 hour drive from ESSAOUIRA near the fisher village Tafedna.