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Take a break from your everyday life

Retreat to an experience in Nature…

where you connect deeply with your natural self. The seminar-trips invite you to spaces of beauty where you can renew, relax, align and shift with lightness and joy.

For more then 15 years I offer retreats to different destinations into beautiful, living nature areas, where we spent most of the time outdoors. The groups are small so we are flexible in the movement of every day. Each participant gets plenty of room for personal expansion and blossoming.

Everyone who wants to join in an adventure trip of self-exploration, wants to recharge the body and refresh the mind, is welcome to take a lift. You will be guided on a journey of self-empowerment from where you will return with new tools, more energy and new inspiration.

Each seminar-trip is different. We co-create this experience in a flow of the now. This encourages a beautiful group dynamic where possibilities are limitless.

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We invite you to take your own journey…

Testimonials from previous journeys:

“The retreat in Hornjø is a journey to a little place in Norwegian heaven. To a winterwonderland, remote and endless with magical views to the horizon and beyond. Hornjø is the perfect setting just to be, to let go of everyday life and to reconnect with yourself. It is easy to experience calmness and an opening of the mind when all sounds of everyday life are muted by the 180 degrees splendid views from the hotel rooms and amazing endless night skies full of stars. What I loved about the Hornjø trip is that you can combine yoga and retreat work with gorgeous hiking and skiing opportunities that wait in every direction. You work with Antje, then go and play in nature, then jump in the pool or the hot sauna and get lost in the sunset. Your body and soul will be spoiled and the cosy feel of a traditional, simple frontier station wins you over in a heartbeat – with beautiful food and a huge warm heart. There are no shops, no other offers and you won’t miss a thing. This is a „retreat“ in the pure sense of the world. It is a wonderful place to meditate and soak up every inspiration Antje has to offer.”  Sigrun, Berlin

“Thank you so much for this wonderful, energizing, fulfilling and recharging trip to Greece! I had a very special, power- and wonderful time with everyone and I feel the power of our days very strong. Thank you again, Antje, for the great organisation and energy you have put into it to make it such an amazing trip for each of us.”
Alexandra, Berlin

“Leaving my daily life behind, I set out on a journey with an unknown inner destination. Supported by the beautiful surroundings, yoga and meditation, sharing sessions, extraordinary trips to places of special power, magnificent sunset walks and outstanding Greek food, an inner journey unfolded in parallel with the outer one, bringing me to new depths within. Every day was a new encounter, with unexpected turns and experiences bringing both outer adventure and deeper insight. All the way superbly cared for, supported and guided by Antje. A timeless journey where I enjoyed every single moment immensely, and from which I returned rejuvenated, reborn and with a new inner light and peace. From the depths of my heart I thank you for letting me experience this, Antje!” Yngve Solberg, Oslo

“The seminar in Hawaii made me feel 10 years younger! I reloaded my batteries and found my inner balance again.
It was fantastic to let go of all stress from my everyday life and to enjoy the beautiful nature in a mindful way!
Antje organizes the best experiences for us all and offer us individual coaching. We could enjoy to be in the “here and now flow” every day. This seminar gave me time to focus on myself and get more in contact with my inner source.

Everything was perfect in this seminar: hiking in beautiful landscapes, swimming in turquoise water, showers under waterfalls,
living in a green oasis, yoga every morning, eating healthy food and everything taken care of by Antje!
The seminar really made a difference for me and helped me to transform my stressed everyday life!”
Trine Presterud, Oslo

Going with Antje on that wonderful journey was a true bliss and I enjoyed every moment of the time in Greece.
We had a very powerful group that carried each other through the process of healing transformation.
Antjes gentle guidance of the group was amazing. She helped us to let go and guided us into spaces to look inwards.
The different techniques she’s using helped me to connect with my true self, and to let go of old patterns and negative emotions.
One of them is the Dynamic Dance Meditation. Different styles of music helped me to evoke all kind of motions and emotions. Moving through space with others was very powerful and a great experience to forget the world around you. I would recommend a retreat with Antje to anyone who needs empowerment on their inner journey. Thanks again for your love and good energy. Stefanie, Berlin

“Somewhere over the rainbow…
How can you put a trip like that into words? How could you possibly describe the magic? I have been to many places in this world. I have seen beauty. But what is it like to feel beauty? To taste and even hear beauty? I believe that I wouldn’t matter where on this planet you have a workshop with Antje. It could take place in a dungeon in Berlin as far as I know.
When you sign up to this workshop you don’t only travel to Hawaii, you book a trip to yourself. You get to know the places inside yourself that you didn’t even know existed. Inside your heart, mind and spirit. Of course, these could be the scariest places at times but wait and see. You are guided by the most wise and knowledgeable teacher. She can show you on how to illuminate the darkness. You will find answers, visions, infinitive love, joy, laughter and wonders.
And of course it helps to be on this planets paradise when entering this special zone. Hawaii is a mini world gathered into one group of islands. Maui is France, Mongolia, Scotland, Brazil and Africa in one. It is on the other side of the world. It is at the end of our time zone. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The energy cannot be compared to anything in the world though. You will get an idea what heaven might feel like. You will see turtles, exotic flowers, little red birds, waterfalls, rainbows, fairies, colorful fish, beautiful mountains, shooting stars, white sandy beaches, black sandy beaches, the top of a volcano and so much more. You will fly away and maybe for the first time truly come home. Whatever happens, you will not return as the same person. That is for sure. And priceless. Thank you Antje. From all my heart. Aloha!” Theresa, 30 years, Berlin
More Testimonials

Thank you for a wonderful time in GREECE with a lot growth!!!!! It was a fantastic seminar!

Anka Presterud, Oslo

“My first travel to Greece with Antje made a big change in my life. My first time experiencing yoga, together with a bunch of interesting people, in the beautiful Greece landscape… I learned to meditate, to focus on my body and mind and so to come more close with myself.

My next travel to Hawaii couldn’t be more exiting and relaxing at the same time! All my senses where enlightened. The combination of living on a beautiful organic garden farm, the daily yoga classes, and the wonderful day-tours helped me to heal and finding my path.

Bathed in the gorgeous energy of this island and the energy and warmth of the group, especially the warmth of Antje, gave me the support for my inner journey. It helped to improve my yoga skills and once more to improve my life quality.

I had the most beautiful days! Coming back I brought a lot of positive energy with me to fill into my life back home. From the warmest and every place of my heart I can highly recommend travelling with Antje if you want to make a positive change in your life.” Christiane Böhm, Berlin

“This Hawaii seminar changed my life! It made me dream a lot and I love that state of mind. Antje made my childhood dream come through. I came back home with much more energy and my pocket full of dreams. The best is that the journey in myself continues in a new direction and it is a much more happy direction. It is like a miracle…” Marianne Milda Ødegaard, Moss, Norway

“The retreat in Greece gave us the unique opportunity to leave our stressful, busy lives behind. The nine days full of new experiences and disciplined yoga exercises in the mornings and evenings helped us to reconnect to body, soul and nature. Beautiful sights, villages and beaches invited us to let go and enjoy the Greek way of living.
Antje Korth takes truly care of nearly everything. Full of dedication, professionalism and awareness for the needs of each individual and the overall group, she made sure, that the retreat became a valuable experience for everyone open to join this journey. We came exhausted and left full of new energy, being able to better balance the different domains of our lives!” Petra & Stefan Jepsen, Berlin

“Hawaii is very special and I had a great time in this fantastic place in the middle of the jungle on Maui, with all kind of exotic plants and fruits in the garden, that we had for breakfast. Oranges, star fruit, papaya, bananas, tomatoes….Singing birds in the morning and the sun shining through the roof windows and the open house. The nature was close around me all the time.
We were a very nice group and I learned a lot from everyone and feel thankful to all. Every day was different and challenging. I loved the yoga every morning and our sharing´s afterwards. I liked the hikes in the forest and to the waterfalls. I loved all these fantastic beaches with the most beautiful coloured fishes to look at underwater, and the most amazing sunsets you can think of. Very special was the sunrise on Haleakala (3055 m).
I worked on a deep level with myself and feel amazing results. When I got back home I felt so much more free and healthy and strong. I experienced a lot of emotional release and breakthrough and I got the best help I could dream of from you Antje. Thank you. This was the most spectacular trip and journey in my life.”
Marit Olesrud Oppedal, Kongshavn, Norway

“I enjoyed the nice, peaceful place, the yoga every morning, the wonderful greek food and the exploring tours around. The journey helped me to go deeper inside and to reflect on myself and others. I feel that my emotional state has expanded and that I have a stronger connection to my inner source, and that feels very good!” Grete Lill Gundersen, Oslo

“The seminar in Greece made me realize and really feel that I am a part of nature. Through the meditative walks, smelling the flowers, bathing in the crystal clear water and tasting the delicious food I felt more alive and able to connect to nature and myself. Antje led us gently through the yoga sessions and made it possible for me to feel my emotions coming up in the yoga and coachings, helping me to connect deeper to my own being. Antje led me through this with clarity and care. After I came home from the seminar I am much more present in my life. I am able to connect more deeply to my inner needs and to enjoy nature more intensely and the energy I receive from it.” Karine Bokerød Hansen, Oslo