WORKSHOP in Oslo | Being Present | May 2016

WORKSHOP in Oslo | Being Present | May 2016

Workshop in Oslo

Inner Coaching & YOGA

Sunday, 8. May 2016
10.00 – 15.00


Being Present

Being present is being aware in the moment. It allows you to feel free. When you live in the past or future, you miss out on the peace and potential in the present.

In this workshop we will practice a well-rounded vinyasa practice and meditations that will open up your lungs, your heart and the whole front of the body. This will prepare you for a sequence of backbends and deep relaxations afterwards.

You will be inspired with the intention and the understanding that through turning inward and away from all the distractions outside you can connect with calmness and peace in each moment. As you take space and time for yourself you can live your life more vibrant and joyful. Enjoy this Yoga day of deep breathing and stretching into the present moment.

All levels are welcome.

Bring some light food for lunch if you like. We will have a tea and lunch break.


Unity Senter
Møllergt. 23
0179 Oslo

cost: 800,- NOK

Please bring comfortable clothes, a yoga mat and a blanket.
Look forward to seeing you!