WORKSHOP in Oslo | The Power of Letting Go | December 2015

WORKSHOP in Oslo | The Power of Letting Go | December 2015

Workshop in Oslo

Inner Coaching & YOGA

Sunday, 13. December 2015
10.00 – 15.00


The Power of Letting Go

This workshop invites you to reflect on the past year, to become aware of what you can let go and where you can make space for new experiences as we come close to the next New Year.

Sometimes we are trapped emotionally and mentally in past experiences, even when it is long over. We may regret and think about happenings in our live again and again, daydreaming about how things could have been or should have worked…. If this thoughts are going by unchecked you will re-create the same and there is no space for new experiences.

Think about letting go as an alteration and change, not amputation. It takes an effort. It takes a decision to let go of the internal attachment to open up for new possibilities.

We will practice specific Yoga movements, deep breathing, dancing and releasing movements. Many Yoga postures support the release of old energies, the letting go of old attachments, freeing mind and spirit! You will get inspired and encouraged to open up for new space and energy within yourself. We finish this day with a powerful meditation.

You will learn and enjoy different tools of the Inner Coaching process.

Bring some light food for lunch if you like. We will have a tea and lunch break with a little “Advent” celebration together!

All levels are welcome!

Unity Senter
Møllergt. 23
0179 Oslo

cost: 800,- NOK

Please bring comfortable clothes, a yoga mat and blanket.

Look forward to seeing you!