YOGA and finding PEACE OF MIND | April 2015

Inner Coaching & YOGA

Workshop in Oslo

Saturday, 11. April 2015

10.00 – 15.30


We can experience and practice Yoga from many different perspectives. Yoga has become mainstream and many people practice it to improve their physical body.
Yet the deeper aspects of Yoga allow you to become a master of your thoughts and to connect to the part of you that is beyond thoughts.
Have you ever asked yourself who you are – if you don´t think a thought and why it feels so good?
In this workshop we will focus on the different brain states that you can experience in your yoga practice. You will become more consciously aware of how your mind works.
You will be guided in a focused flow of self-reflective movements and awareness. You can find the exercises that work best for you to calm your mind for your daily life and practice.

Come and join on this balancing YOGA DAY. Enjoy the peace and calm in your mind afterwards.

We will also have a cosy tea and lunch break together where you can enjoy some superfood chocolate and different sorts of tea.

All levels are welcome!


Den Norske Ballettskole
Grenseveien 32 a
0571 Oslo

cost: 800,- NOK

Please bring comfortable clothes, a yoga mat and blanket, (a Yoga block and belt – if you have) and something to write. Look forward to seeing you!


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