Yoga & Dance & Meditation in Oslo | 20. November 2022

Yoga & Dance & Meditation in Oslo | 20. November 2022

Sunday, November 20, 2022
In Oslo
11.00 – 14.30

Dynamic Dance Meditation

Yoga & Dance & Meditation in Oslo

Feel uplifted in your heart, grounded in your body and liberate your mind…

Join us in this transformative and joyfilled workshop! Dive into a dynamic flow with Yoga and Dance that allows you to free your body and mind! Explore the different layers of your being with conscious movements and enjoy the rhythms and music from all over the world – as well as the silent moments…and the meditation in the end.

The Dynamic Dance Meditation is a guided journey that combines free form dance, mindful movement, healing art and meditation. You don´t need fitness or previous dance or yoga experiences – only the openness to move, to dance and to relax.

We will have a little break where tea will be provided. You may bring some snack with you. Please bring comfortable clothes, a blanket and a yoga mat.

I am looking forward to see you!

Jerikoveien 22
1067 Oslo

Nearest T-banestation is Lindberg

cost: 680,- NOK