Dynamic Dance Meditation

…“Life is the dancer and you are the dance”Eckhart Tolle
Feel grounded in your body, uplifted in your heart and free your mind!

The Dynamic Dance Meditation is a guided dance journey. This modality combines free form dance, mindfulness, body-work, healing art and yoga-movements.

Experience your original, natural expression and new ways of encountering space. Utilize this joyful experience and feel how you can transform to fully awaken in the present moment.

You don´t need fitness or previous dance experiences – only the desire to move and dance, and a playful mind!


“The Dynamic Dance Meditation with all the different styles of music helped me to evoke all kind of motions and emotions. Moving through space with others was very powerful and a great experience to forget the world around… I would recommend a workshop with Antje to anyone who needs empowerment on their inner journey. Thanks again for your love and good energy. Stefanie from Berlin

“The Dynamic Dance Meditation is a lot of fun and I think it is for everyone who likes to move and dance… First time it was new for me and I felt a bit strange, but after some time I felt free during the dance. It is easy. Who cares what I do, I just let myself loose in the free flow movement. It releases thoughts and tensions in my body. The beautiful music is flowing through my body and it is magical what this is doing. It sets me free. I am very happy that I have tried it. Now I join in as often as possible.”       Marit from Oslo